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Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are among the least understood and utilized forms of IP protection. Many companies fail to properly maintain and manage a process to ensure trade secret protection. In addition, there is often inadvertent use of trade secrets that belong to other entities.

Without having a comprehensive trade secret policy in place, the threat to your knowledge capital is real. Job hopping has become commonplace in the tech industry. Movement of employees between companies may result in inappropriate transfer of intellectual property between companies if the knowledge capital is not properly documented and protected. Intense global competition and shorter product cycles have also increased knowledge capital threats by other entities, known as industrial espionage.

Here at ISUS IP, we strive to attain an in-depth knowledge of your business model and IP portfolio, and work diligently to create a program with an optimal balance between the corporate culture and the complicated legal standards of trade secret law to maximally protect all of your intellectual capital from both internal and external threats. Given that these laws vary across multiple jurisdictions, our diverse team is prepared to provide these protections in many relevant jurisdictions.