We work with you to establish sustainable competitive advantage by building and policing IPRs to support your business plan.


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As a tech company which is highly involved with R&D and product branding activities, the fruits of your efforts should be well protected with Intellectual Property rights.

ISUS IP’s unique positioning and skillset, designed just for companies like yours, creates such protections. Under our unique business model, we operate at your in-house IP department. We are fully integrated with all your internal projects and business plans and are focused to develop your IPRs to protect them. We are there with you at all stages of development, from the initial ideas to commercialization, and along the chain of command, from engineering, marketing through management, so everyone in the chain, from inventors to investors, gets the most value out of the IP assets created.

We have a full grasp of what your enterprise does: the technologies, the leading teams, and the competitive landscape in the marketplace. We work to help you achieve a real sustainable advantage through Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) intended to protect your business.

Our team works closely with clients in-house and on-the-ground, equally at home in Israel, US and the EU, providing seamless, effective and cost-efficient services across these regions with a single point of contact and a unified web-based patent docketing system staffed by skilled docketers.


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As one of the world’s largest markets, IP rights in the United States provide essential IP protection for corporations navigating the global market. Our ISUS IP team of seasoned, US-licensed, IP professionals, including our founder Jason Mirabito, guide our client’s seamlessly to maximize the protection of their IP assets.


Often referred to as the Start-Up Nation, Israel is a world leader in technological innovation. This makes the protection of IP rights in Israel essential for many corporations. Our experienced ISUS IP team in Israel, led by our founder Omer Peled, can help maximize corporate benefits derived from our client’s IP portfolio.


Through Ronny Amirsehhi, our European founder, ISUS IP offers comprehensive Intellectual Property services across the European Union and the European Patent Office. Our presence in this jurisdiction allows us to provide broad coverage in a multitude of nations leading the world in technological advancement.